What’s a thing would you make illegal because it bothers you?

Follow-up: What is a local issue in your town you would like to see made better?

Asked at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove.


JONATHAN SANCHEZ | Electronic Sales Associate | Salinas

A: (The app game) Fortnite, because that’s all I’m seeing 24/7.

Crime Wave: Gangs and gun violence are way too prevalent in my local community.


ARLENA ONUKAEGBE | Student | Seaside

A: I would ban people who dress up as clowns and attempt to entertain me. That doesn’t make me smile; it scares me.

Drawn Up: I would like to see better arts funding for low-income children.


KARINA ALVAREZ | Waitress | Salinas

A: People who don’t know the difference between their/there/they’re and then/than should be banned from being able to post on social media.

Home Body: I would love to see better housing options. It is extremely hard to find affordable housing in Monterey County.

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