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Pitmaster Gary Nana had been up all night tending to his smoker, preparing meat and some 300 of his signature baked potatoes for a charity event in Marina. When we dropped in that afternoon – a Saturday – he had ribs on the smoker, timed for another event, a retirement party that evening.

755 Abrego St. (inside Hotel Abrego), Monterey

1818 N. Main St. (Hardin Ranch Plaza), Salinas

731 Munras Ave., Suite A, Monterey

1 Old Golf Course Road, Monterey

228 S. Main St., Salinas

Try to pin an apt description on Las Cazuelas – just give it a shot.

330 Reservation Road, suite H, Marina

Mission between Ocean and Seventh (Carmel Plaza), Carmel

422 Tyler St., Monterey - Much has changed on the inside of Epsilon, except for that steady Greek menu.

Il Grillo could almost pass as someone’s home. It’s a small restaurant – only six or seven tables – but that’s not exactly why it feels so intimate.

You may not know that you crave Ossau Iraty cheese with chorizo and arugula, but you do.

San Carlos between Fifth and Sixth, Carmel

Dolores between Fifth and Sixth, Carmel.

1700 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach.

California soul is groovin’, a bistro vibe rockin’ at Poppy Hall, a new culinary hotspot.

545 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove.

Overtures to meat typically do not start out with a dark and stormy night, but that’s how my first visit to the Carmel Valley Chophouse began. Chilled to the bone, hair soaked and regretting my choice to put my winter coat into storage, my boyfriend and I were the last ones in the cozy resta…

Hibachi is an experience. What comes to mind is a tableside show in which the chef quickly cooks meat and veggies on a hot iron plate often enhanced by showy fire. What hibachi actually refers to is just the Japanese-style hot iron plate, but even without all the performance, the yumminess o…