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I would love to purchase some marijuana from one of these fine dispensaries in California. I don’t have a letter of recommendation. What shoul…

I heard you have to pay to get a permit to grow weed in California. Is that true? - N. D’orr

What’s the best thing to stonedly binge on Netflix right now? - Haim Lock D’ondacouch

Harvest is approaching and it looks like I am going to have a bumper crop! What am I going to do with all of this delicious marijuana? -Abe Bundance

I hear that five different states have adult use cannabis legalization laws on the ballot this year. How do you think they will do? - Indra State

Would my medical marijuana recommendation be legal in other states that also honor recommendations?- Dee Starr

Since you have your face on a brand of weed, do you think celebrity endorsements influence youth’s perception of weed? Since you’re a comic fo…